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Winsor & Newton Oil Paints 

Winsor and Newton’s claim to fame is their super-high quality due to the painstaking selection of pigments that they have discovered throughout the four corners of the globe. But surprisingly, these great oil paints can be found at your local Wal-mart stores!

Winsor & Newton Oil Paints

How Winsor & Newton oil paints are made:

They take great care to preserve each one of their rare colors’ unique qualities when they process their raw materials into the finished paint. Each color has a maximum pigment content that they are careful to not go over, which is consistent with good handling qualities and the highest tinting strength. A great paint, even for the professionals, Winsor and Newton is a reliable oil color that withstands all tests for quality.

They even offer an Oil Bar assortment as well.

Winsor & Newton oil paint

Their original size oil sticks measure 7/8" x 6". Made of pure pigment blend with refined oil and waxes, Newton & Winsor Bars work smoothly on canvas and paper surfaces. They are completely compatible with tube oil paints as well as, alkyds, gels, varnishes and oil painting thinners.

Oil Bars from Newton and Winsor dry in just 2 to 5 days, and during this time may even be reworked! For field sketching, Oil Bars give the feel and texture of tube paint but with less stuff to haul around. Bring along some brushes and mediums and you have a traveling art studio with a set up time of just seconds! Naturally, all colors are light-fast and permanent.