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What is Linseed Oil?

Below is FAQs on what linseed oil is, the types of linseed oil and valuable facts and information on linseed oil.

What is linseed oil?

Linseed oil is the oil obtained from the flax seed under pressure with and without heat. Linseed oil is the basic ingredient for many other oil paints including stand oil and pale drying oil.

Which oil is the finest and best for use in oil painting?

Linseed oil has proven with age to be the finest oil for use in oil painting.

What are the different types of linseed oil?

Cold pressed linseed oil

The cold pressed linseed oil is made from raw linseed oil that has been aged and undergone a complicated filtering process. Cold pressed, raw linseed oil is used to thin oil paint and in other more complex oil paint mediums. Cold pressed linseed oil paint can be thinned with rectified turpentine or rectified petroleum thinner but don't over thin the cold pressed linseed oil because too thin cold pressed linseed oil will not have much binding effect.

Refined linseed oil

Refined linseed oil is also called Alkali refined linseed oil. Refined linseed oil has been extracted from the flax seed under pressure, similar to cold pressed linseed oil. But, in refined linseed oil, heat or steam is added to extrude more linseed oil.

Sun thickened linseed oil

Sun thickened linseed oil is made by mixing raw linseed oil with water and then treating that watered raw linseed oil with sunlight for a period of time. The result of treating raw linseed oil with sunlight is a thickened, pale colored, syrup medium that dries faster than linseed oil and stand oil. Sun thickened raw linseed oil accelerates drying time and creates an enamel like quality to oil paints.