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Water soluble oil paint

This section of oil paint information website discusses water soluble oil paint and water soluble oils. Water soluble oil paints are great substitutes for traditional oil paints. Water soluble oils are easier to clean and thin than traditional oils. Water soluble oil paint is also much less toxic unlike traditional oil paint.

Traditional oil paint

Traditional oil paints have been used for many years. However, traditional oil paints have some problems. Traditional oil paints are more difficult to clean than water soluble oil paint. Traditional oil paints are also cleaned with toxic oil paint solvents and are thinned with toxic oil paint solvents. These toxin may cause allergies in some oil paint artists. Traditional oil paints can be used with the medium Liquin. Oil paints can be thinned and cleaned up with Turpenoid or turpentine or thinner.

For many oil paint artists and oil paint students, the smell or odor of the oil paint solvents  may also be offensive. These oil paint solvents are volatile and hazardous. Although, these solvents for oil painting are hazardous, oil paint artists put up with them instead of switching to water color or acrylic.

Water soluble oil paint

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