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Vanishing Brushes

Vanishing brushes are also often used in oil painting. There are many types of vanishing brushes. The price of a vanishing brush varies but good vanishing brushes are often expensive. However, you can often find affordable yet good vanishing brushes that will do the job fine. For quality oil painting, stay away from the very cheap vanishing brushes.

What are vanishing brushes made of?

Vanishing brushes are often made of:


  • high quality black or white hog bristle,
  • badger hair ,
  • black or light ox hair,
  • fitch hair or
  • synthetic hair.
Vanishing Brushes

Uses of vanishing brushes

Vanishing brushes have many uses in oil painting. A good vanishing brush is handy for applying coating or primers such as Gesso or an oil underpainting white. Bear in mind that when using Gesso, wash the Gesso off from the vanishing brush immediately after using or the vanishing brush will be ruined.

Which vanishing brush to use?

When you need more control, use a thin vanishing brush. For multi purpose vanishing brushes, use a 2" - 2½" wide cutter brush of high quality soft white bristles. Vanishing brushes come in a variety of sizes ranging from 1" to about 6" wide. There are also other sizes for vanishing brushes for different purposes.