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  • Oil Painting Kit For oil painting, you need more than just oil paint and oil paint brushes. Unlike watercolor painting, oil painting needs more complicated mediums to oil paint with. We have compiled a list
  • Oil Paint Set An oil paint set comes in two different categories. The first oil paint set is for oil paint artists. The second oil paint set is for oil painting students. In order to
  • Basic Oil Paint Colours The basic oil paint colours are the most useful oil paint colours. Professional oil paint artists usually only use the basic oil paint colours which they mix together to create more
  • Palette Knife Paintings Many great oil paintings are palette knife paintings. Palette knife paintings are either done solely using a palette knife or a combination of palette knife and other techniques. Artist Palette knife An
  • Color Palette A Color Palette is either oval or oblong and is made from wood or white plastic. The oval color palettes are called studio palettes but the oblong color palettes are the most popular.
  • Easels, Artist Easels, and Painting Easels Good strong artist easels are important in oil painting because your painting surface must be firm and rigid. There are many types of easels on the market nowadays and
  • Alkyd Paint and Alkyd Mediums Alkyd paint mediums are relatively new but are quickly becoming very popular in oil painting. At the present, only one manufacturer, Winsor & Newton, offers a complete line of alkyd
  • Linseed Oil Linseed oil comes from the seed of the flax plant, Linum Usitatissimum, the very same plant whose fibers are used to make linen. Flax is one of man's oldest domesticated plants and grows
  • What is Linseed Oil? Below is FAQs on what linseed oil is, the types of linseed oil and valuable facts and information on linseed oil. What is linseed oil? Linseed oil is the oil obtained
  • Turpentine Turpentine is used to thin down the paint, in particular for under-painting or painting thin lines. Distinguish between turpentine and turpentine substitute (white spirit) which you use to clean your brushes and palette. If
  • Balsam Balsam is very thick, deep amber colored liquid that is added to oil paint and oil paint mediums for a tough, jewel like quality. The most famous balsam is Venice turpentine from European larch