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  • Welcome to Oil Paint and Oil Painting Website On this website, you will find many useful information and resources for oil paint and oil painting. If you are an oil painting lover or you want
  • Art Education Art education starts with the definition of art and art education. What is art education? The definition of art in any art education changes almost daily since art education began thousands of years
  • Fine Arts Fine arts are essentially those arts which can be enjoyed for their own sake. Fine arts are produced or intended for beauty rather than for other usage. There are many fine arts paintings
  • How to use oil pastels for the beginner © 2006 by Regina Donaldson Using oil pastels as a medium for canvas-based painting is no longer any different at all from using regular, petroleum-based oil paint.
  • Painting the Beauty of Flower with Oil One of the most popular oil painting work is painting the beauty of flower with oil. There are many oil painting techniques that allow the aritist to succeed
  • Paint Brushes There are many kinds of paint brushes used in oil painting. Paint brushes are fundamental to oil painting since a paint brush is an extension of the artist's hand. Paint brushes are important
  • Holding an oil paint brush For background work For background, no detail work such as scene, sky, distant hills, and water, the brush is placed across the palm of the hand and held firmly by
  • Oil Paint Brushes How to choose oil paint Brushes Buying suitable oil paint brushes can be confusing. There are many oil paint brushes to choose from. How does an oil painter choose from a variety
  • Proper Use of Oil Paint Brushes It is easy to see which oil paint brushes should be used in which occasions. First of all, use big oil paint brushes for big jobs and big areas
  • Hake Brush A hake brush is often used in oil painting. Below is a picture of a hake brush. A hake brush is very versatile as a paint application tool. Originally a hake brush is
  • Vanishing Brushes Vanishing brushes are also often used in oil painting. There are many types of vanishing brushes. The price of a vanishing brush varies but good vanishing brushes are often expensive. However, you can