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What is Serigraphy?

Serigraphy is silkscreen printing. Over the past two decade, there have been increased interest in printing techniques. Prints have been created with mixed media techniques. Serigraphy techniques has been most commonly used. Serigraphy techniques allow large scale images to be reproduced with flat or textured colors. Serigraphy techniques are widely used in commercial signs printing.

Why was Serigraphy popular?

Serigraphy was popular in the 1960s and 1970s because of serigraphy make it possible to reproduce photographic images. Serigraphy were used first by pop artists. Among famous people who first used serigraphy were Andy Warhol and Robert Rauchenburg. An example of serigraphy techniques used in painting is Andy Warhol 's famous portrait of Marilyn Monroe.

Why is serigraphy unique?

Serigraphy is unique because serigraphy techniques offer way to print that other printing and oil painting techniques cannot achieve. Serigraphy techniques allow printing of heavy layers of ink and serigraphy techniques can result in flat prints or textured prints. Serigraphy techniques are used in screen printing.

Serigraphy supplies can be toxic and dangerous

Some artists switch from serigraphy to oil painting. This is because serigraphy supplies can be toxic and dangerous to health. When doing serigraphy, you should wear high gloves, a mask, and do serigraphy in a well air conditioned place.