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Palette Knife Paintings

Many great oil paintings are palette knife paintings. Palette knife paintings are either done solely using a palette knife or a combination of palette knife and other techniques.

Artist Palette knife

An artist palette knife is generally used  for

  1. mixing  large quantities of paint on the palette. Some artists prefer to use a brush instead of a palette knife. It is a matter of preference.
  2. cleaning paint off the palette, and
  3. scraping paint off the canvas if the paint is too thick or if you want to repaint a certain part of the work.

The palette knife is a general purpose  tool. You will find uses for it when you are painting.

Artist Palette knife painting or Painting knife

When an artist palette knife painting is done, the palette knife is sometimes referred to as painting knife. A painting knife is used for painting, sometimes called 'palette knife painting'. A painting knife has a cranked handle so that your knuckles do not smudge the wet paint on the canvas as you apply the paint. There are many different shapes and sizes to choose from. Some painters prefer to use their brushes instead of painting knives. If you prefer to use a brush, then you won't need a painting knife.