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Paint Brushes


Flats are used for making broad, sweeping strokes. The paint brush fibers form a flat, wide shape that is perfectly squared at the tip. The flat paint brush is meant to have a lot of spring to it.


The filbert is a rounded flat. The outer edges of the filbert paint brush curve slightly inward toward the center of the tip. The tip of the filbert paint brush itself is, however, perfectly straight.

The traditional oil painting brush  is usually made from  hog bristle, but today man made (nylon) bristles are used to allow artists more scope. Brushes of oil colors start at No. 1 which is the smallest and continue up to No. 12, the largest.

You must keep your brush clean by washing them first in turpentine substitute (white spirit) and then with soap. after a painting session. Put some soap in the palm of your hand and rub the brush into it under running cold water. Thoroughly rinse and dry the brushes before you use them again. While you are working, you wash your brushes only in turpentine substitute.

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