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Old Holland oil paint

Old Holland oil paints are among the very finest oil colors on Earth, and in fact are made in the oldest artist's paint factory in the world. Established in 1664, old Holland classic oil colors have been used by Van Gogh, Vermeer, Van Ruysdael and other Dutch masters. Available in an impressive assortment of 162 colors, all are completely light-fast except for two, which are both very close to being light-fast.

Old holland oil paint

How Old Holland oil paint is made:

All colors are produced the same way, using stone rollers, so that they won't change the color at all. (Metal will oxidize Cadmium colors.) Pure cold-pressed linseed oil is mixed into the pigment, and nothing else. Old Holland never uses any type of cheap fillers nor artificial driers. This is why they can claim to have the very highest concentration of pigments, providing great covering power, strength of color, and color intensity.

Since their colors are so concentrated, they may easily be blended to quite a variety of shades. Due to their high pigment concentration, these colors will go further than other oil colors when you are covering your canvas due to their opacity or when mixing with white or gels to obtain a desired shade. Bottom line: you pay more, but then you get more. No serious oil artist should be without at least one tube of Old Holland oil paint.