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Oil Paints White

Oil paints white colors are very important in oil painting. Just as there are different shades and variations of oil paints black colors, there are also different variations of oil paints white colors.

What are the most common oil paints white colors?

The most common oil paints white colors are:

  • Titanium White
  • Zinc White
  • Flake White
  • other oil paints white 'house' brands

Flake White oil paints color is basic lead carbonate and is very poisonous. Flake white oil paint color is the warmest of the three and this oil paints white color will produce the warmest appearing grey when mixed with the same oil paints black compared to the other oil paints white colors.

White oil paints are available in studio size and larger tubes from different manufactures because white colors are necessary in mixing with other oil paint colors.

Testing oil paints white colors

For an oil paint artist, knowing what shade and feeling each oil paint color gives is very important. Below is a test you can do for any oil paints white color to you know how each one looks and feels in oil painting when applied to other colors.

The test is similar to those done for the oil paints black colors.

  • Add a small amount of Ivory Black oil paint color to a larger amount of each white and
  • notice the difference.

Repeat the same test as above using a speck of Cadmium Red Light, then notice the difference.

Do the same test with Ultramarine Blue, and notice the difference.

The difference using different oil paints white colors will be subtle but they are definitely discernible when doing delicate oil painting. When testing, it is important to record the differences thoroughly for future use and painting references.

Good oil paint colors to go with oil paints white colors

Burnt Umber

Alizarin Crimson

Ultramarine Blue

Cerulean Blue

Cadmium Red Light

Cadmium Yellow Light

Lemon Yellow

Ivory Black

Titanium White