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Oil Painting Kit

For oil painting, you need more than just oil paint and oil paint brushes. Unlike watercolor painting, oil painting needs more complicated mediums to oil paint with. We have compiled a list of materials you need to start oil painting.

To start oil painting, the basic materials you need are:

  1. Oil paint colors
  2. Oil paint brushes
  3. A color palette
  4. A color palette knife with a 7.5cm  (3 inch) blade
  5. Turpentine or Low Odor Oil Painting Thinners
  6. A bottle of Alkyd Medium
  7. A double dipper for your palette to hold each of them
  8. A mahlstick for steading your brush
  9. An old jam jar for turpentine substitute to wash out your brushes
  10. Canvas boards or oil painting paper
  11. A painting rag for wiping and cleaning your brushes and hands
  12. A plastic eraser and an HB pencil

To cut down the cost your can buy the minimum number of brushes, find your own receptacles to hold the mediums, use a piece of formica or vanished plywood as a palette and a kitchen chair as an easel.

Carrying Box

For outdoor work you can use a pochade box. which takes a board up to 25x30 cm (10x12 in). You can design your own carrying box to suit your preferences. An example of a carry box measures 8.5x7x3.5 inches and contains a palette with a single  dipper for Low Odor Thinners and a tube of Gel Medium for driers, five brushes, a pencil, seven tubes of paint, and tow painting boards (6x8 inches). It also holds painting rag and up to four pieces of thin hardboard will fit into the lid.