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Oil Paint Set

An oil paint set comes in two different categories. The first oil paint set is for oil paint artists. The second oil paint set is for oil painting students. In order to learn how to oil paint, you need to know about different types of oil paint sets. The oil paint set for oil paint artists contain artists' colors whereas the oil paint set for students contain students' colors. Naturally, the oil paint set for students are much cheaper than those for artists.

Why are oil paint sets for students cheap?

Oil paint sets for students are cheap because they contain less pure oil paint pigment and more fillers and extenders. Because of this, oil paint colors for students do not provide the same intensity of color as the oil paint colors for artists that are much more expensive. However the basic oil paint colours for students are fine when you learn how to oil paint and practice different oil paint techniques.

Mixing oil paint colors for artists and students

To make your oil painting job more economical, you can even mix colors in the artists' oil paint set and colors in students' oil paint set. For example, you can use oil paint colors for students for most of your oil painting except for colors that require more intensity such as red, yellow, and blue. Dark oil paint colors can be students' oil paint colors.

Oil paint set

Prices of oil paints

Not only a students' oil paint set is priced very differently from an artists' oil paint set, each oil paint varies in price. For example oil paints in the artists' oil paint sets vary in price greatly. The prices of artists oil paints are classified in series such as from 1 to 7 according to the manufacturers of the oil paints. The higher the series the more expensive the oil paint. The only difference between a series 1 oil paint and a series 7 oil paint is the pigment in the actual oil paint. However, chemicals are so refined nowadays that lower grade series oil paints can look just as good as higher grade oil paints.