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Oil Paint Brushes

How to choose oil paint Brushes

Buying suitable oil paint brushes can be confusing. There are many oil paint brushes to choose from. How does an oil painter choose from a variety of natural hair oil paint brushes that have been around for centuries and synthetic oil paint brushes that are low cost oil paint brushes. Synthetic oil paint brushes are cheaper than natural hair oil painting brushes.

Is it always good to get cheap oil paint brushes? Are there any drawbacks from buying cheap oil paint brushes?

When buying oil painting brushes, oil painters consider not only the prices of the oil painting brushes and equipment but also how long the oil painting brushes will last and how joyful the oil painter will be when using those oil painting brushes.

Red sable oil painting brushes and white bristle oil paint brushes, for example, are loved by many oil painting artists. There is no oil paint brushes that will live long if the oil painter neglects them or misuse them. So, when you are oil painting, make sure you take care of your oil paint brushes.

Basics of how to take care of oil paint brushes & clean oil paint brushes

In oil painting, after the oil painter has used his or her oil paint brushes, it's time to clean oil paint brushes. The used oil paint brushes should be rinsed out in a generous amount of turpentine or oil paint thinner.

How much turpentine or oil paint thinner should I use to clean my oil paint brush?

Generous amount! The oil painter should be generous with the turpentine and oil paint thinner when cleaning his or her oil paint brushes.

How to clean oil paint brushes?

In cleaning oil based paint brushes, after the oil paint brushes have been thoroughly rinsed in turpentine or oil paint thinner, the oil paint brushes should be rinsed with liquid detergent and some warm water in a coffee can or a large container like it. The oil painter should then shampoo his or her oil paint brush by using an action that is much like mixing cake batter. The last step of cleaning an oil paint brush is rinsing off all the lather, shape the oil paint brush back into shape and set the oil paint brush upright to dry.