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How to Pose a Model

How to pose a model in oil painting depends on a few oil painting factors and oil painting techniques. Often, how to pose a model in oil painting is just plain common sense. Common sense can help an oil painter choose how to pose a model so that he or she achieves a good model pose.

How to pose a model so to achieve good model pose

The followings are examples of good model poses in oil painting:

  • Model pose children on a low model stand so you can look down at them, just the way we are accustomed to looking at children.


  • paint the strong, forceful executive type in a very direct full model face pose


  • Model pose a shy person with his eyes not focused directly at you.

Key to successful to choosing how to pose a model in oil painting

The key to successful model posing is to make the oil painting model comfortable and to not waste the oil painting artist's time.

Basic rules to guide oil painters in choosing how to pose a model:

Model pose basic rule #1: look at him full face and study his features

Model pose basic rule #2: experiment with positions from full face to profile

Model pose basic rule #3: experiment with the all important lighting. Try strong lighting for dramatic contrast. Try soft lighting fro more subtle shadows. The choice is the oil painting artist's in relation to the model's appearance and personality.

Model pose basic rule #4: decide if the oil painting model's clothing is appropriate.

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