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Hake Brush

A hake brush is often used in oil painting. Below is a picture of a hake brush. A hake brush is very versatile as a paint application tool. Originally a hake brush is designed to apply thin layers of priming gesso or varnish. Another use for a hake brush is as a general blender for oil painting as well as watercolor painting. Hake brushes come in different sizes for different types of oil paintings.

Why is hake brush good for oil painting?

A hake brush has soft white hair which is very delicate. The soft white hair on the hake brush is good for soft blending in oil painting.

hake Brush

A hake brush used in oil painting and water color painting

Uses of a hake brush

Besides the multiple uses of a hake brush mentioned above, a hake brush is also used to paint the impression of grass, bushes and other foliage as well as foam in seascapes. A hake brush is cheap, not expensive at all which makes a hake brush very useful for new oil paint artists.

How to use a hake brush for blending?

If you are using a hake brush for blending in oil painting or watercolor painting, use it dry with just the tips of the bristles lightly touching the surface of the painting. Wipe the hake brush with dry cloth frequently.