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Green for different times of day


Add Lemon Yellow.

For early morning scenes, start with a Lemon Yellow wash on your canvas. This dominant color will unite all the colors in your painting. If you dislike the intensity of this hue, add a touch of Yellow Ochre to tone it down. Be consistent: keep your greens warm and sunny too., This will enhance the emotional impact of your painting.

Morning Light

Add Cadmium Yellow Medium and/or Cadmium Yellow Deep.

Noon and afternoon

Add Yellow Ochre and Oranges.

Yellow Ochre is an ideal tone for most noon time scenes. The value of this color should be fairly light because the overhead light washes out your darks and reduced the intensity of bright colors. Indicate your light source by painting the foliage at the top of the tree both warmer and lighter than at the bottom.

Noon light poses a few problems for the artist because the intense overhead light creates few shadows. This flattens everything out. Cash shadows are few and far between, thus eliminating many design opportunities. The intense light also bleaches out bright colors. Fortunately, noon light does not change as quickly as does the light at sunrise or sunset, so it is a good time to paint on location. The challenge lies in painting a dramatic, energized scene in this type of light.

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