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What is Frottage technique?

Frottage technique is the painting technique where the print images are obtained by placing paper over a surface and rubbing it with wax crayon or pencil.

What materials does a Frottage technique need?

Frottage materials (for Frottage technique) include a thin hard paper is required and a large wax crayon, cobbler's wax, heelball or a soft pencil.

What is the history of Frottage?

Frottage (and hence Frottage technique) is the name given by the painter Max Ernst to the process of obtaining images using Frottage technique described above. Max Ernst did not invent the Frottage technique process. There are many examples from different countries and times of Frottage technique being used. However, Max Ernst did develop Frottage technique as a serious means of expression. Max Ernst 's collection of Frottage images published in his book called Histoire Naturelle is one of the most important works of the surrealist art.