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Finger Painting

In some areas, finger painting is one of the most popular types of oil painting. There are many finger painting techniques. Finger painting is a natural oil paint technique and can be considered as oil painting for kids. Finger painting is enjoyable and children love finger painting. There are also fine art finger painting and some oil paint artists focus on finger painting alone. Finger paintings are beautiful and easy to do. Finger paintings are often sold on street at various tourists attractions such as Santa Monica in Los Angeles, California. Tourists love to watch finger painting artists make finger paintings from scratch. You can often buy finger painting kits to start your finger painting projects.

What is finger painting?

Finger painting is, as its name suggests, done by applying oil paints on a canvas or a sheet of material using your fingers. Fingers are sensitive and can offer more details on your oil painting than regular oil paint brushes can.

Which famous oil paint artists have used finger painting?

You will be surprised how many great oil paint artists like to use finger painting technique. Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, Goya, and Turner are among the greatest oil paint artists who used this finger painting technique in their famous oil paintings. After all the fingers can do amazing things to your oil paintings that all other mediums or oil paint tools cannot accomplish.

Uses of fingers in finger paintings

Finger painting is useful when the oil paint artist wants to spread oil paints over a large area such as the whole oil paint canvas. The oil paint artist can rub the paint with his or her fingers over into the oil paint canvas' fibers. Using the fingers or hand, oil paints can be rubbed and smoothed further until the desired oil painting effects are achieved.

Warnings about finger painting

Although finger painting is a very useful oil paint technique, it should be noted that some oil paints and mediums are toxic and should not be touched for too long. If you need to touch any toxic pigments of the oil paints while doing finger painting projects, you must wash your hands and fingers thoroughly afterwards. This is particularly important when having children finger painting. Children can be poisoned by the oil paints pigments that are poisonous through this finger painting oil painting technique.