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Easels, Artist Easels, and Painting Easels

Good strong artist easels are important in oil painting because your painting surface must be firm and rigid. There are many types of easels on the market nowadays and each type of easels such as wood easels also come in many varieties. You can easily choose the perfect easel for your oil painting job. The best easel for you depends on where you oil paint, how large the supports are and your easel preferences. If you don't have the room for standing oil painting easels, then table ones are sufficient. You can even put your support on the seat of a kitchen chair and rest it against the back.

If you like to do your oil painting outdoor, you may want to use a portable easel. Easels also come in a broad range of prices. A wood easel is usually the cheapest.  These wood easels are great for oil painting beginners as they are light, sturdy and sufficient. Wooden easels are often used for sketching in oil painting.

If you are a more experienced oil painter and has your own oil painting studio, you probably own more than one easel. You may have ordinary easels or wood easels for sketching and other types of easels for oil painting. An oil painting artist often has many types of easels in his or her studio.

Studio easels are often very stable with a firm H shaped base. However, if you have a small oil painting studio and want to economize space, you may want to use a table top easel for your oil painting. Table top easels are very compact and inexpensive. Thier heights can be adjusted to suit your oil painting work.

Many artist easels come with oil paint color boxes.


Most oil paint color boxes use the inside of the lid to hold canvas boards. You rest the box on your knees when working outside, on a  table when indoors and the lid becomes the portable painting easels. Easels vary so much in size, type and cost. You should choose easels you are comfortable with. Look in an Art store to see which painting easels you can afford and like. Choose painting easels that are steady and when folded up for use outdoors are comfortable to carry.