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Dry Brush Technique

Dry brush technique is one of the very useful oil paint techniques. The dry brush technique is often used as a touch up to create effects on the oil painting before the oil painting is finished.

What is dry brush technique?

Dry brush technique is done by applying the oil paint color lightly so that the oil paint only vaguely covers a dry layer of color underneath.

How to do dry brush technique?

To do the dry brush technique, use a very small amount of oil paint on the dry brush. The dry brush technique strokes are quick and sturdy. You cannot over power the dry brush paintings with oil paint colors on the dry brush. The best dry brush technique is done when the oil painting already has some oil paint colors and texture on.

Purpose of dry brush technique

The purpose of using dry brush technique is to create texture on your oil painting. For example, the dry brush technique is used to create a sense of weather rock and long grass. However, overdoing the dry brush technique can overwhelm the oil painting and creating an undesirable texture effect.

The dry brush technique is effective when using light oil paint colors on the dry brush and applying them on dark oil paint colors on the oil paint canvas. It is also a popular dry brush technique to use the fan brush to apply the dry brush technique.

Example of dry brush technique in practice

The dry brush technique can be used to create the effect and texture of water or waterfall as well as branches and trees. Dry brush paintings are very intriguing and the dry brush technique is fascinating to watch.