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Copal Resin

Below are facts and information about copal or copal resin. Copal resin is used to make copal oil used in oil painting. However, the real and true copal or copal resin is very expensive and is rare nowadays.

What is copal?

True copal is a fossil resin from coniferous trees. Copal is sometimes referred to as Copal Resin.

What is copal resin like?

Copal or copal resin is similar to the resin that made up the old amber beads of yesteryear.

Where is copal resin found?

Copal resin is found an mined in the Congo.

What is copal resin used for?

Copal or copal resin is used to make varnish and is an important ingredient in copal oil painting mediums.

How much is copal or copal resin?

The true copal or copal resin is very expensive and becoming scarce. Because of the cost and rarity of copal, in the mid 1980's, the makers of artists' oil painting mediums suspended the production of the true copal mediums.

How are copal oil painting mediums manufactured nowadays?

Nowadays, many people are producing synthetic painting mediums using synthetic resin, not true copal resin. These synthetic oil painting mediums are being marketed under different spellings of the word copal. However, none of these are composed of the old and important painting medium from the true Congo copal.