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What is collage painting technique?

Collage painting technique is the art technique of sticking real objects onto an oil painting or picture.

What is the history of collage?

Collage was first used oil painting in 1912 when Picasso (1881-1973) stuck a piece of oilcloth onto his canvas to represent a caned chair seat. The Cubist painters, such as Braque (1882-1963), continued to exploit this new concept, adding pieces of newspaper, stamped envelopes, theater tickets and wallpaper to their paintings.

What is the purpose of collage painting?

Collage painting or sticking real objects to the oil paint picture surface was to emphasize the existence of the picture as opposed to an illusion of reality.

How are collage painting technique done?

Any collage objects can either be fastened with glue to the pristine canvas or board, or pressed into thick, wet oil paint, which serves as a good adhesive. Examples of collage objects are sand, pebbles, bits of wood, in fact almost anything can be collage objects and added to the oil paint to create special textures.

When adding collage objects to an oil paint, think long term. For example, paper tends to yellow quickly, and certain organic materials can rot or crumble in time. Those perishable objects may not be good for collage painting.