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Cleaning oil paint brush

Cleaning oil paint brush is an art that all oil paint artists should learn. However, many oil paint artists paint for years without knowing how to properly clean oil paint brushes. It is easy to get distracted while oil painting and oil paint artists forget to clean the oil painting brushes.

Oil paint brushes are expensive - don't forget to clean oil paint brush

If you are an oil paint artist, don't forget to clean your oil paint brushes properly after each oil painting session. Oil paint brushes are expensive. If oil paint brushes are stiff with dry oil paint, they should be thrown away. So, don't let oil paint harden near the ferrule.

Daily cleaning method for your oil paint brushes

  1. Clean off excess oil paint of oil paint brushes with a paper towel to prevent unwanted oil paint from clogging your drain. When cleaning the oil painting brushes, you should wear protective gloves.


  2. Rinse the oil paint brushes with water in a jar. Wipe the oil paint brushes with paper towel or facial tissue.


  3. Shampoo the oil paint brushes. Carry the oil paint brushes you are cleaning to a utility tub (not the kitchen sink) and shampoo the brush with mild soap and warm water. Press the oil paint brushes gently against the palm of your hand and work up a lather. Rinse the oil paint brushes free of shampoo and lather and repeat until the color on the oil paint brushes is gone.


  4. Reshape the oil paint brushes by gently pulling the oil paint brushes into its natural shape. Lay the oil paint brushes on their side until they are dry.

Oil paint brush cleaners

Instead of washing your oil paint brushes with soap, you can use Aquasol (a non solvent liquid) or Fels - Naptha soap (a heavy duty laundry bar soap).