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Art Education (continues...)

Art education is about the study of many forms of arts created by cultures throughout the course of history. Arts were created because of the following main reasons.


In art education, you will learn how some cultures create art simply for its visual appeal and fore the pleasure arts bring to those who understand and appreciate arts. In art education, it is also important to learn how to identify various aesthetic qualities inherent in various works of art. These aesthetic qualifies in art education must be taken into account when judging the works of art.

Moral and Ethics

Moral and Ethics have always been a key element of an art education. In many cultures art is used to depict people and behaviours that are considered noble and good. In art education, you will learn all about different aspects of moral and ethics shown in any art work.


Works of art are often considered a means of connecting people with supernatural forces. Spiritual art education teaches you how to recognize and appreciate the spirituality in any forms of art work. A carved mask from Africa, for example, represents the spirit of a dead ancestor called upon to help regulate the political, cultural, and social life of the community. In your art education lessons, you will learn that


The involvement of history in art is phenomenal. Many art works provide valuable information about important people, places, and events which you will learn in your art education. Paintings and sculpture often reveal how people looked and dressed and record how they behaved and what they accomplished.


Art education will not be complete without politics. Art serves as a tool of persuasion or propaganda when it is used to convince people to adopt a certain point of view or to enhance the power of a ruler or political party. In your art education, you will learn the power of art to inspire patriotism or cultural spirit.

All of the above are elements of an art education. To be a great oil painter, you should know about art, its history, and has some art education. Art is not merely what you see on the screen but also the messages behind the screen, painting, colors, characters, and object of the oil painting. Art education will help you see oil paintings and other forms of art the way you have not seen before.

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