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Art Education

Art education starts with the definition of art and art education. What is art education? The definition of art in any art education changes almost daily since art education began thousands of years ago. The bottom line is art education can consist of a very broad range or art topics. Virtually anything falls under art education. Mathematics is a form of art, so are sports and music.

One form of art education is the study of paintings such as oil paintings

The beauty of art education is that it can be done almost from anywhere. You don't have to visit galleries and museums to get an art education. Although, field trips are good for art education, they are not the only places you will gain your art education.

Oil Paintings and museums

Oil paintings have not always been in galleries. Every painting in an art gallery can give you a lot of art education. Each oil painting in the gallery most likely has a long story behind it. None of those oil paintings were painted hoping to be in the gallery. In the past, oil paintings were used to decorate churches, palaces or private residences. Most great oil paintings belong to art collectors. Museums and art galleries are great places to get your art education.

Learn how to tell good art from bad art in art education

In art education, you will learn how to recognize good art. When you have had some art education, it will not be difficult to tell which oil paintings are good and which ones are not. The check list below helps you determine if a piece of art or oil painting is a good one. You will learn more in your art education.

  • Does the art or oil painting express successfully what it is intending to express?
  • Does the art or oil painting amaze you in a different way each time you look at it?
  • Does the art or oil painting grow in stature?
  • Does the art or oil painting continually mature?
  • Does it stick in your mind and grow on you each day?
  • Is the art or oil paint unforgettable?

In art education, you will learn to appreciate the work of art. If an art or oil painting can do all of the above, then the art or oil painting is a good one or has a chance to be great. You don't have to have an eye for art because art education will teach you to develop that eye for art that will help you become a good artist or oil paint artist or an art critique.

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