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  • Alkyd Paint and Alkyd Mediums Alkyd paint mediums are relatively new but are quickly becoming very popular in oil painting. At the present, only one manufacturer, Winsor & Newton, offers a complete line of alkyd

  • Alla Prima What is Alla Prima painting? Alla Prima is a direct and immediate way of painting. Alla Prima painting is usually with opaque colors which cover all sign of underpainting or preliminary drawing. Who

  • Art Education Art education starts with the definition of art and art education. What is art education? The definition of art in any art education changes almost daily since art education began thousands of years

  • Balsam Balsam is very thick, deep amber colored liquid that is added to oil paint and oil paint mediums for a tough, jewel like quality. The most famous balsam is Venice turpentine from European larch

  • Basic Oil Paint Colours The basic oil paint colours are the most useful oil paint colours. Professional oil paint artists usually only use the basic oil paint colours which they mix together to create more

  • Behr Paint Colors Like Sherwin Williams paint colors, Behr paint colors also offer a wide selection of colors suitable for your decorative job. Instead of laying out all the Behr paint colors available for you

  • Cleaning oil paint brush Cleaning oil paint brush is an art that all oil paint artists should learn. However, many oil paint artists paint for years without knowing how to properly clean oil paint brushes.

  • Collage What is collage painting technique? Collage painting technique is the art technique of sticking real objects onto an oil painting or picture. What is the history of collage? Collage was first used oil painting

  • Color Connotations - what colors mean What images, ideas and feelings come to mind when you think of these colors? Red Rage, blood, fire, danger, courage, bravery, excitement, passionate, sexy. Yellow Caution, hot, sunny, light,

  • Color Palette A Color Palette is either oval or oblong and is made from wood or white plastic. The oval color palettes are called studio palettes but the oblong color palettes are the most popular.