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Alla Prima

What is Alla Prima painting?

Alla Prima is a direct and immediate way of painting. Alla Prima painting is usually with opaque colors which cover all sign of underpainting or preliminary drawing.

Who use Alla Prima painting?

Alla Prima painting techniques are frequently used by the Old Masters. The Old Masters used Alla Prima painting techniques for making studies and sketches mainly from nature and for completing a work over an underpainting done by their painting assistants.

What does Alla Prima mean?

Alla Prima is the Italian name meaning 'at first'. The French name for Alla Prima is Au Premier Coup.

What is an Alla Prima painting?

Alla Prima describes those paintings which are completed at one 'sitting'.

What are examples of Alla Prima paintings?

Examples of alla prima paintings aret the later works of Van Gogh, particularly those paintings which were painted after 1887 and which were most likely done at one sitting. Most of the landscapes which Van Gogh produced in Arles and St Remy were done from the motif in one session and in his letters to his brother Theo he describes his method of taking one or more canvases on his trips into the countryside and completing them during the course of one day.