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On this website, you will find many useful information and resources for oil paint and oil painting. If you are an oil painting lover or you want to start to oil paint, this oil paint and oil painting website may contain useful resources for you.

Oil Painting Basics

Oil paint and oil painting website will take you from the ground up, starting with oil paint brushes and oil paint mediums such as Linseed oil (from the seed of the flax plant), turpentine, balsam, and Alkyd paint.

Paint brushes are very important in oil painting. There are many different kinds of oil paint brushes. One of the first step in oil painting is to obtain a good oil paint brush. A good oil paint brush does not have to be expensive. Read more about paint brushes by clicking here.

We also discuss many oil painting mediums. An oil painting medium discussed is Linseed oil which is extracted from the seed of flax, called Linum Usitatissimum. Click here to read about the use of linseed oil.

The importance of artist Easels

Artist Easels are also discussed on this website since good easels are critical for oil painting. A good oil painting is done when the oil paint artist paints with comfortable easels. Real about easels by clicking here.

Color palette is fundamental in oil painting

Different types of color palette is discussed here. Color palette and oil painting surface are important for quality oil painting. Which type of color palette to use depends on the oil paint artist's preference. However, it is important to keep the color palette clean after each oil painting session using Turpentine substitute.

Oil painting techniques

In addition to discussing what you need to start oil painting, we also discuss some oil painting techniques such as monochromatic oil painting. Monochromatic oil painting is a charming technique of using one oil paint along with black and white instead of using many colors. Read about monochromatic oil painting by clicking here.

For more information on oil paint and oil painting, feel free to browse our website. All information on oil paint and oil painting here is free. You can use the link below to book mark this page for future use. If you have any questions, please use our contact form